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The Paranoid Style in American Politics (First Floor Theater, April 17 - May 9, 2015)

"[A] solid, ambitious political thriller...First Floor Theater's impressive cast strikes a marvelous balance between dry humor and dull political rhetoric... it beautifully renders its own set of riveting dilemmas" - The Chicago Reader

"Recommended...an enjoyable political whodunit...motives, grudges, affairs, and ambitions are laid before us to consider...it's got rhythm and bite" - New City Stage.

"You'll be flip-flopping all night on who or what to believe, just like some of our best politicians" -- Buzz on Stage

The Death of Jean (First Floor Theater: Twainsworld, 2014)

Steinau  (remount, Rhinofest XXV, January 2014)

Stay Warm Chicago  (with Will Bishop) (Abbifest 2013)

Six Memos  (with Will Bishop) (Workshopped as part of the Summer Inc. residency @ The University of Chicago, July 22nd - August 2nd, 2013) 

Steinau  (First Floor Theater: Grimmfest, 2013)

An American Family Play for Students of the Theater  (American Theater Co. BRIDGE Program, 2013)

As Friends Do  (The University of Chicago, 2013)

  You Should See Mine  (First Floor Theater & Salonathon, 2012)

Good Times Shakespeare II  (First Floor Theater in Abbiefest 2012)

The Failures  (The Den Theater, 2012. Olga & Paul Menn Foundation Playwriting Prize, 2012)

The Bargain  (The University of Chicago New Work Week, 2012)

Shakespeare In Love, Actually  (The Dean's Men, 2012)

The Dating Game  (The Dean's Men, 2011)

Synergy!  (The Dean's Men, 2011)

You A Very Funny Man, Bill Shakespeare  (The Dean's Men, 2010)

Good Times Shakespeare  (The Dean's Men, 2010)



Lear  by Young Jean Lee (Red Tape Theater, 2013. Director James Palmer)

TROKALB  (Dramaturg, with First Floor Theater, winter 2014. Director Gus Menery).

Sexual Perversity in Chicago  by David Mamet (First Floor Theater, 2013. Director Will Bishop)

Columbinus  by PJ Paparelli (American Theater Company, 2012. Director PJ Paparelli)

Ruby Wilder by Brooke Allen (Tympanic Theater Co. 2012. Director James Palmer)

An Actor Prepares   by Mickle Maher (The University of Chicago, 2012. Director Devon de Mayo)

Reefer Madness by Kevin Murphy (The University of Chicago 2011, Director Claire Stone)

The Homecoming by Harold Pinter (The University of Chicago 2011, Director Will Bishop)

Red Light Winter  by Adam Rapp (The University of Chicago 2010, Director Will Bishop)