Iā€™m an academic, currently based in Iowa City, Iowa. Before Iowa, I was a columnist for various publications, a features editor for Vox, and a contributing editor to The Los Angeles Review of Books. My work has also appeared in The Atlantic, New Republic, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy, and elsewhere. Before all of that, I was a playwright and dramaturg in Chicago.

In media, my work centered on left politics, media criticism, and cultural criticism. I've written a lot of short-form editorial work as well as long essays and features reporting (where I have produced both long profiles and day-to-day event coverage, for example, covering the 2016 Democratic National Convention for both New Republic and the Baffler). I have also worked as a critic, mainly of books, for publications including Bookforum, LARB, and Paste. 

I am currently working on a pair of books. One about California, climate change, and the paranoid horror of disaster stories that don't make sense to us. The other is about living with a severe mental illness, and the historical, cultural, and discursive madness around madness itself.