reviews & criticism


Adults in the Room, by Yanis Varoufakis (New Republic)

A Review of What Happened by An Author Who Insists He Has Never Heard of Hillary Clinton or the 2016 Election (Paste Magazine)

Book Review: Kids These Days, by Malcolm Harris (Bookforum, Fall 2017 Print Issue) 

Ordinary Beauty (Even Magazine)

 South and West, by Joan Didion (New Republic)

End of an Era: A Syllabus for Understanding the Age of Obama (Bookforum)

Apology, on Jonathan Chait's Obama (Los Angeles Review of Books)

The Memoir's Hostage (on "The Hostage's Daughter") (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Exploitation: The Sixth Stage of Grief (on "One More Time With Feeling"), (Los Angeles Review of Books)

The Art of History, by Christopher Bram (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Questionnaire, by Evan Kindley (Bookforum)

The Limousine Liberal, by Steve Fraser (Vox)

 On the High Sparrow (Game of Thrones) (Vox)

Short Obituary for Michael Herr (Vox)

Disrupted, by Dan Lyons (Vox)

The Red Parts, by Maggie Nelson (Vox)

In Other Words, by Jhumpa Lahiri (Vox)

Eternity Street, by John Mack Faragher (Vox)

The Narrow Door, by Paul Lisicky (Vox)

On the End of Peep Show (Vox)

National Book Award Nominee Reviews (Vox) ("Ordinary Light" by Tracy K. Smith & "Refund" by Karen E. Bender)

Controlling the Narrative: Harper Lee and the Stakes of a Scandal (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Notes on a Native Daughter: Joan Didion at 80 (Los Angeles Review of Books)

A Liturgy of Absolution: Reviewing The Invisible Bridge by Rick Perlstein (Los Angeles Review of Books)

The Lego Movie Isn't Just Anti-Capitalist, It's Anti-Fox, Too (The New Republic)

Against Self-Care (on "The Art of the Wasted Day" by Patricia Hampl) (The Lifted Brow, via The Internet Archive)